3D Models

Here are some examples of the 3D Models I have made for various projects and recreational purposes.

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During my senior year, the head of the Design Department was pursuing a personal project to bring a Virtual Reality exhibit to the Baltimore Maritime Museum. The goal was to bring old warships back to life and allow museum-goers to explore the ship as if it was right there in front of them. I replicated the TB-5 Gunboat, USS Winslow from the Spanish American war. The ship is set to scale and is fully traversable in a VR environment. The project should incorporate augmented reality by the end of 2019.

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Here are a few screenshots of a city I made that was used in a 30 second animation. The lighting is much different in rendered views and the actual animation, since it is a night scene I turned on all the lighting effects for visibility outside of the renders.


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A fully rigged model (function over form) that was made in Maya. The character was suppose to be used in the “Horrific Halls” project but the group decided that using a human skeleton would make the creatures and ghosts ‘too human-like’. My major taught me more than once that not using an asset you worked hard on is part of the design process.